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Discover our brand of sustainable and healthy Spanish gastronomy


Haizea Bistro

A culinary experience designed for you

Infinita Bistró:  HAIZEA, our dining experience with a wide range of set menus to choose from, served to your seat, a welcome drink depending on the departure time and wines with D.O. (Designation of Origin).

Paired with wines with designation of origin and a great range of onboard menus, from breakfast to dinner, every day of the week.

See our range of products available onboard on our menu:


Discover our onboard menu

A dining experience designed just for you, based on traditional Spanish dishes and tapas made with fresh, in-season and local produce, accompanied with a wide range of drinks, with wine at the forefront.

A range as flexible as can be, adapted to your tastes and the different seasons, adjusted to meet demand to avoid food waste.

See our range of products available onboard on our menu


Market menu

A gastronomic concept specifically designed for trips on which you don’t want to compromise on quality food. Choose the market menu when purchasing your tickets and we will bring it to you on board so you can enjoy your meal during your journey or whenever you like. 

Menu served on Singular Only You, Singular and Inicial

Enjoy our entertainment portal


Entertainment portal unlimited access

Our system of onboard entertainment offers you the best content through Atresmedia Premium so each journey is unique. Enjoy films, series, news and tv programmes, as well as all the exclusive content of Forbes and our playlist on Spotify.

Yo Club


Enjoy Yo Club

Yo Club, Iryo’s loyalty programme in which you can earn iryos for each purchase you make, and then use them for discounts on tickets, gift cards or transfer them to other loyalty clubs.

Joining Yo Club is free, and you will enjoy benefits designed for travellers like you, thanks to our alliances with MeliáRewards, Suma by Air Europa and Travel Club.

Find all the information on Yo Club in our general terms and conditions.

Safety comes first

Seguros para tu viaje

Safety at iryo

At iryo we are highly committed to the safety of our travellers. We therefore recommend that you pay special attention to our safety rules so your trip and that of the other passengers is completely safe at all times.