1. ISO Integrated Management Policy 9001, 14001 y 45001

    Scope: Passenger transport on board iryo trains on the Spanish high-speed rail network. Operation of rail and passenger services.

    Here at ILSA (Intermodalidad de Levante SA), we place quality, environmental protection and the protection of workers’ health and safety at the centre of our corporate strategy. This is the approach we have chosen to achieve our mission and realize our corporate vision.

    That's why ILSA has taken the decision to implement, maintain and improve an integrated management system (IMS) in accordance with standards UNE EN ISO 9001,14001 and 45001 with the aim of achieving “Total Quality”, the prevention of pollution, environmental protection and the “0 workplace accidents” philosophy. As part of this approach, ILSA management commits to:

    • • Lead the re-evolution of mobility in Spain and Europe with a personalised multi-modal and sustainable proposal that provides “the best journey”.
    • • Offer the freedom to choose the best travel experience for our customers and the regions in which we operate.
    • • Achieve the trust and satisfaction of our customers in a safe and sustainable way.
    • • Meet all legal and other regulatory requirements at national and European level, remaining up to date at all times.
    • • Achieve the objectives established for the improvement of the IMS, establishing those objectives relating to the customer, environmental performance and workplace safety performance as fundamental.
    • • Contribute the necessary resources to achieve objectives and meet the legal and regulatory requirements and the demands of customers or others.
    • • Promote a focus on processes in both our company and among collaborators.
    • • Offer shareholders continuous values, protecting and employing the company’s capital efficiently.
    • • Continuously improve the IMS in search of corporate excellence.
    • • Guarantee the health and safety of workers, providing education and training on the general and specific risks in their positions.
    • • Make the resources necessary for health and safety supervision available to workers.
    • • Build strong and lasting relationships with employees, customers and suppliers, based on trust and mutual benefit.
    • • Respect the companies in our professional environment, including competitors, doing business with integrity adhering to codes of best practice for management.
    • • Maintain ethical values with all stakeholders, allowing no form of discrimination on grounds of religion, sex, race, ideology or disability, age or sexual orientation nor any form of physical, verbal, sexual or psychological abuse.
    • • Apply commitment across all levels of the company.
    • • Foster the commitment of employees with the company and teamwork, creating integrated working environments in which to obtain the best results.

    The purpose of the dissemination of this document within the company is to reach each and every employee, from managers to those who have only recently joined the company, and to help achieve our objectives successfully.

    ISO Integrated Management Policy 9001, 14001 y 45001

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  2. Purchasing policy of Intermodalidad de Levante S.A.

    ILSA establishes the basic principles and the general framework of action in which the activities related to purchasing management must be carried out and in which the relationship model with suppliers is defined.

    ILSA has a department with the necessary means to carry out the control and management of purchases, exercised by the Purchasing Structure, which is responsible for adequately and sustainably providing the goods and services required by the Company in the time, quantity and quality required, at the best cost, with the minimum risk to our business and respecting the principles of sustainability and values of the Company and those reflected in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In addition to implementing and maintaining a procurement management system in accordance with the following PRINCIPLES:

    • To ensure that our purchases are orderly and planned, enabling those involved in the process to perform their role effectively and efficiently, based on the Purchasing Procedure.
    • To be familiar with the market and our internal expectations as a basic condition for satisfying the organisation's needs and providing value.
    • To strengthen transparency and non-discrimination, establishing an honest and open professional framework, giving all suppliers the possibility to collaborate with ILSA and adopting purchasing decisions based on objective and impartial criteria.
    • To promote strict compliance with contractual conditions, current legislation and applicable regulations and procedures, especially with regard to human rights, labour aspects, occupational risk prevention, quality, safety and the environment.
    • To provide goods and services that meet our quality and sustainability standards.
    • To promote stable relationships with our suppliers, based on the demand for maximum quality, transparency, the search for continuous improvement and mutual benefit, promoting innovation and development activities.
    • To ensure that all our suppliers carry out their activities within the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility and business ethics, promoting responsible purchasing, based on the principles established by the Company and the UNE-ISO 20400 on Sustainable Purchasing.

    The Purchasing Policy applies to all employees of the organization involved in any of the processes of evaluation, approval or contracting of services.

    Purchasing policy of Intermodalidad de Levante S.A.

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