A maximum of one pet or domestic animal per person whose weight does not exceed 10 kilos is permitted.

Pets must remain inside their travel cage throughout the entire journey, the travel cage must not exceed the following measurements: 60x35x35cm.

They must be identified with their corresponding chip and properly documented. (Individual Animal Identification System, SIIA) and with a up to date health card. The pet must be vaccinated and wormed, according to the rules at the journey origin and destination. The custody and guarding of pets or domestic animals shall be the sole responsibility of their owners/carriers.

Pet transport comes at an additional cost and must be paid for before the trip. Attendants may move the animal and its owner to another part of the train at the request of another passenger, or take such action as they deem appropriate in the circumstances if they consider that a conflict, nuisance or threat is taking place.

There is no additional cost for guide dogs and assistance dogs, they are not subject to weight nor transport restrictions, and may travel with their owner.