Club Yo is a loyalty programme which allows you to enjoy your journeys to the max and collects iryos to redeem them on tickets, gift cards, transfer them to other programmes and much more.

Joining Club Yo is free, and you will enjoy benefits designed for travelers like you, thanks to our alliances with MeliáRewards, Suma de Air Europa and Travel Club.

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Niveles Club Yo

*Some of the benefits shown will be available in the near future.
iryo points are eamed after the trip is completed.




Free iryo tickets

Accumulate iryos and use them on your next ticket purchases to get free tickets.

You can also get discounts, because you don't need to accumulate 100% of the ticket amount to be able to use your iryos.


Gift cards

In our Club Yo, the value you accumulate can be used wherever you want because it is yours. That's why you can purchase universal gift cards with your iryos.


Transfer my iryos to other Clubs

And for the most travelers, the possibility of transferring your iryos to other Clubs to get discounts on hotels and trips is available.

And soon, you will be able to get iryos by buying ticket + train together through AirEuropa.

Niveles Club Yo




My tickets

Access all your bookings from your personal profile to consult, manage or cancel them.


Advantages in selected hotels

If you are a Yo Singular, Yo Singular Empresas or Yo Infinita member, you can get discount for the differents hotels like Only YOU Hotel & Nobu Hotel Barcelona.


Create your iryo forest

If you are committed to ecology, you can add the green product to your ticket purchase and create your own forest in your personal area.  We, with Retree, will plant it to recover the country's environment.




Start earning iryos

Sign up for free in Club Yo and whenever you shop on the site from your logged in profile, you will be able to add iryos for your purchases.