Club Yo is a loyalty programme which allows you to enjoy your journeys to the max and collects iryos to redeem them on tickets, gift cards, transfer them to other programmes and much more.

Using club Yo is free, and the advantages are infinite. Thanks to the alliances with our first partners, such as MeliáRewards, Air Europa and Travel Club, you can enjoy the best advantages of a programme designed for travellers who want  to climb abroad the new speed.


Join iryo

1.    Join club YO and make all your purchases logged in or using your membership number.

2.    In this way, for each euro you will collect iryos, which will build up in your account when you book your tickets with, your travel agency or through customer service.

3.    Remember, your iryos will appear in your account when you complete your journey. And the most important thing... redeem your iryo on your next purchases or on the products offered in the loyalty programmes of our first partner. 


Club advantages

Club Yo has three levels according to you trips undertaken.
As your level increases you can enjoy exclusive discounts and advantages. Use your club Yo card for all your purchases:

· Yo Inicial: Awards 2% iryos on your purchases

· Yo Singular:  Awards 3% iryos on your purchases.

· Yo Infinita: Awards 5% iryos on your purchases

In addition to being the first to offer an exclusive level for companies, Yo Singular Companies for employees with corporate agreements with the same conditions as the level Yo Singular.


Collect and redeem your iryos

When you complete your journey, your iryos will be added to your balance, and you can redeem them on:

1.    Your next trip on all our routes and timetables. You don’t need to wait to collect 100% of the ticket price, you can redeem the discount equivalent to the balance of your iryos on any purchase.
2.    You can also obtain gift cards thank to our first partners.
3.    Transfer your iryos to other loyalty programmes

Move up a level in club Yo:

•    If you make more than 25 trips or spend more than €1,250 you will reach the level Yo Singular
•    If you make more than 100 trips or spend more than €5,000 you will become a member of  Yo Infinita

Remember that iryos expire after 12 months. Don’t let your iryos escape - redeem them!


Our first partners

At club Yo we have created a rewards programme for customers with Air Europa, MeliáRewards, Travel Club and  Only YOU Hotels so iryos can become an universal money which is valid in all the main loyalty programmes.

 Our Levels

Niveles Club Yo

*Some of the benefits shown will be available in the near future.
iryo points are eamed after the trip is completed.