Yo club

  1. Join

    Where can I join the YO loyalty programme?

    You can join by filling in the subscription form and begin collecting iryos to purchase free tickets, accumulate discounts and much more.

    Why should I join YO?

    You will have access to a private area where you can see all your trips, where you can accumulate discounts on iryos, and get gift cards and many more benefits that can be used by you. See here.

    Can a minor join YO?

    No, the programme involves collecting personal data, and at iryo we are very concerned with privacy protection and children’s rights.

    Can I join for another person?

    No. This action cannot be delegated, as it includes accepting the terms and conditions of belonging to YO, which must be validated by the account holder.

  2. Collect iryos

    How do I collect iryos?

    You will get them by purchasing iryo tickets or iryo extra products that you add in your purchase. Please note that in order for your purchases to add up to iryos, you must be logged in.

  3. Redeem iryos

    How can I purchase tickets with my iryos?

    You must be logged in to your personal area and once logged in, make a purchase. When you reach the final step, you can select to pay with a card or with iryos, if you have enough.

  4. Gift cards

    How can I purchase a gift card?

    When you have enough balance in your account to purchase a gift card, you will see the product become available. When you purchase it, a code will be sent to you for the value of the gift card to the email given in the subscription form. You can then make a purchase online at the brand you have selected.

  5. How can I unsubscribe from the loyalty program?

    You can unsubscribe as a member of Club Yo. To do this, you must communicate it through the Customer Service Department on the phone 910 150 000 or by email at [email protected]. Your unsubscribe will imply the loss of all your iryos, advantages or benefits accumulated and not enjoyed, at the same time your card will be inactivated.

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