Pets carrier

One pet or domestic animal (dog, cat or ferret) per person whose weight does not exceed 10 kilograms is allowed in a carrier with maximum measurements of 60x35x35cm.

They will have to be identified with their corresponding chip and properly documented. (Individual Animal Identity System, SIIA) and with the updated health card. The pet will have to be vaccinated and dewormed according to the regulations of origin and destination of the trip.

The travel of the pet will have an additional cost and must be contracted prior to the trip.

Guide and assistance dogs have no additional cost and are not subject to weight or transport limitations, and can travel with their owner


Big dogs

This summer, travel with your dog weighing more than 10 kilos without a carrier. Book or manage your booking at 910 150 000. ¡Important! It is essential to read the following documents:

Responsible declaration of the traveler.
This document must be delivered completed, printed and signed to the iryo office at least one and a half hours before the train departure.

Obligations to travel with large dogs

To take into account:

•    Travel dates: from June 17 to August 31. 
•    The price of the ticket for the dog is €40 each way and the ticket for the adult is a Singular fare.
•    The available routes originate from the following stations: Madrid – Atocha / Chamartín, Barcelona – Sants, Valencia – J. Sorolla, Seville – Santa Justa and Málaga – María Zambrano.
•    Access to the train: the passenger and the dog will be the last to board. However, they will be the first to get off the train.