We are iryo

We are a close, humane y empathetic brand.
We are committed to sustainability and technology on a human scale.

The company

Next-generation Hitachi-Bombardier trains
Million potential Spanish consumers
Large urban areas
Daily connections between Madrid and Barcelona
Start-up of operations

Welcome to the first private Spanish high-speed company.

We are a consortium between the Spanish airline Air Nostrum and the train company Trenitaliaone of the great European leaders in rail transport with extensive experience in operating high-speed routes. 

The process of European rail market liberalisation will start on December 14, 2020. This historic moment will finally bring competition, offering citizens high quality service, more frequency and above all better prices, something that is already happening in Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland… 

Resilience is a value we want to work for in the future. A value shared with iryo people and the environment in which we are going to compete, assuming and overcoming any adverse situation with flexibility

Leaders in High-Speed throughout Spain

The consumers in Madrid, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Cordoba, Malaga, and Seville will be the first to opt for more frequency, better service, and affordable prices for all within iryo’s offer.

They will also use for the first time a state of the art train, the most modern in Europe, built especially for us and completely silent and ecological to make your business or leisure trips the best possible.

We will offer you a completely personalised product adapted to your needs that is fast and easy to buy through our website and app.

Our Shareholders

The first regional European airline

The franchise of “Grupo Iberia” is one of the largest European companies in the short and medium distance sector and the leader in Spain.

Recognized Quality

Its operational excellence has been recognized with multiple awards including Airline of the Year (ERA).

One of the world’s largest High-Speed operators

Trenitalia is the leading high-speed operator in Italy and has rail operators in France (Thello), United Kingdom (Avanti West Coast and C2C) and Greece (Trainose).


After the introduction of competition in 2012 in the Italian high-speed rail, Trenitalia has solidly maintained its leading position in the first major European market to open up competition. Trenitalia’s competitive experience gives iryo the highest industrial strength.

The fleet

The Frecciarossa with Spanish heart and Italian style.

The Hitachi-Bombardier ETR 1000 is the fastest, most modern, and most sustainable train in Europe. Thanks to a state-of-the-art aerodynamic design and the use of energy-saving technologies, it manages to reach up to 360 kilometres per hour very efficiently. Additionally, it is completely silent.

Trains designed for your safety. The air conditioning system of the ETR1000 train allows the exchange of the entire volume of air inside each coach within 3 minutes, similar to what happens on aircraft. This guarantees, in all climatic conditions, to each passenger sitting on board, no less than 35 m3 / h of renewed external air. The conditioned air, before being introduced on board, is filtered through a modern system. The current air conditioning system is currently testing a system aimed at increasing the efficiency of the removal of microorganisms, over 95%, potentially present in the airflow with the use of EPA filters.

Our high-speed train will offer the highest level of comfort in Spain.  A combination of the most advanced propulsion and control technologies, combined with services such as the highest quality Wi-Fi connection and restaurant areas, will make the Frecciarossa 1000 one of the most comfortable travel options.

The sustainable future is  already  here at iryo. 98% of the parts of our trains are 100%  recyclable.



In April 2015, ILSA was founded


ADIF chose ILSA as an operator


Contract signing for the manufacture of 20 High-Speed trains with the Hitachi-Bombardier group.

14 December 2020. Liberalisation of the sector, the new operators begin activities


Lanzamiento de la marca comercial de iryo


Commencement of operations

Liberalisation of the sector


The liberalisation of the railway market is the last European economic sector to, finally, open

We are witnessing the birth of a new paradigm with more environmental awareness, the acute economic recession arising from the pandemic and the price of petrol are defining the coming changes.

On the other hand, numerous technological advances and the digitalisation of economies influence and modify  people’s mobility  behaviour. In a more and more monitored society, many citizens seek to feel free in their mobility.

After the liberalisation of rail transport, which will come into effect on 14 December 2020, iryo has been selected by the Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias (Administrator of Rail Infrastructure, ADIF) to compete on the entire high-speed network.

iryo Cities

iryo, the new Spanish High Speed company

Madrid - Zaragoza - Barcelona

Madrid - Cuenca - Valencia / Alicante

Madrid - Córdoba - Sevilla / Málaga

From 2022, iryo, the first private operator in Spain, will run High-Speed services on the following routes:

  • Madrid – Zaragoza – Barcelona
  • Madrid – Cuenca – Valencia/Alicante
  • Madrid – Cordoba – Seville/Malaga

Madrid-Barcelona High-Speed Shuttle

Leaders with 32 daily connections so you can move with freedom

Both for pleasure or for work and business, travelling from Madrid to Barcelona on board our Frecciarossa will be an unforgettable experience. We will connect both cities in just two and a half hours with our new state of the art Hitachi-Bombardier trains, the most modern fleet operating in Spain.

With 16 journeys in each direction, we will have trains every hour which will give you total flexibility for your journeys. You can take advantage of the journey to work, to look for inspiration or simply for enjoyment. Discover the new standard of comfort and service on-board that we are preparing for you. We want to be the most convenient operator for people and businesses. Stay tuned.

The High-Speed train: the quickest, most accessible and 100% sustainable.

Currently, the high-speed train has become the best option for travelling around the peninsula in a quicker, more accessible, and sustainable way than by private car, bus, plane, or other means of transport.

But now in the 21st century, that is insufficient, it is not enough. The train is the only means of transport that, in every journey, emits much fewer kilos of carbon dioxide per person than other means of transport. iryo was born committed to Sustainable Development 2020 Agenda; iryo was born committed to you and the people around you.

The train connects cities from centre to centre, saves travel time and allows you to access your seat quickly and comfortably to make your trip a true pleasure.

Next station, Europe

mapa de ciudades con las rutas y destinos de la compañía de trenes en España IRYO

We are an European brand

The railway liberalisation will convert Europe into one country, making possible the development of routes between European countries. These new connections will no longer be “international” but will be internal European (Schengen) routes, uniting the citizens of the continent even more.

In the future, we want to extend our services to, among others, Portugal, France, and other countries.

iryo family

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