Hitachi and Bombardier are awarded the Trenitalia contract to supply the 23 Frecciarossa trains that ILSA will operate in Spain

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  • ILSA has chosen the Frecciarossa 1000 trains for their high performance in reliability and comfort to use in Spain from 2022
  • The partnership between Hitachi and Bombardier continues to grow successfully and is reinforced with this contract

Nápoles/Berlín, 10 de agosto de 2020 –

Hitachi Rail SpA and Bombardier Transportation announced today that they had signed a contract with the main Italian railway operator, Trenitalia, for the supply of 23 very-high-speed Frecciarossa trains to the railway operator Intermodalidad de Levante S.A. (ILSA), a company jointly founded by Trenitalia and Operador Ferroviario de Levante SL. The total contract value for the supply of the new rolling stock is, approximately, 797 million Euro (943 million USD, divided 60% and 40% respectively). Bombardier Transportation previously announced this order on Thursday 6th August 2020.

“The ETR1000 train, known commercially as the Frecciarossa 1000, has transformed passenger transport on Italian high-speed lines, setting a new standard and becoming the fastest and most admired one in Europe. This project is proof of our constant and positive collaboration with Trenitalia for the benefit of passengers and society in terms of comfort, sustainability, design, performance, and low noise pollution. We are proud to bring these same advantages to Spain, thereby contributing to the programme of the development of Spanish high-speed rail services, thus boosting the productivity and appeal of the Spanish rail network”, said Andrew Barr, Managing Director of the Hitachi Rail Group.

“The high-speed Frecciarossa train was chosen by the new franchise, ILSA, in Spain to enrich the travel experience of passengers, thanks to its high level of comfort and reliability. With the most advanced propulsion and control technology, derived from the V300ZEFIRO platform, these fast and silent trains are now very popular with long-distance travellers in Italy. The liberalisation of railway transport will allow ILSA to offer new rail services in Spain, encouraging train transport instead of by car or plane and thereby contributing to the 2 objectives of global sustainability”, said Franco Beretta, President and Managing Director of Bombardier Transportation Italia.

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